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The USB Autoscope is a new generation of automotive diagnostic oscilloscope and engine analyzer. The device is designed for displaying, recording, and analyzing signals from most all vehicle systems such as:

  • Sensors and actuators;
  • Ignition systems;
  • Fuel delivery systems;
  • Intake and exhaust systems;
  • Engine mechanicals such as cylinders, valvetrains, and pistons;
  • Alternators, starters, glow plugs, batteries …

The USB Autoscope displays accurate information on the status and operation of electronic and mechanical systems of vehicles, in a manner that scan tools normally can not provide. The device allows for rapid diagnosis of engines using the CSS, Px and ElPower scripts.

The hardware and software combination creates a system that provides a continuous (frameless) data capture, which greatly extends the functionality compared to conventional oscilloscopes.

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